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Why your Nonprofit Needs a Social Media Strategy

In a social media environment that is increasingly commercial, content that reflects the best of the human spirit –our impulse to help, empower, and protect, is bound to generate deeper engagement with social media audiences. What this means for your non-profit organization, is that you are in a unique position to harness the power of social media in order to obtain: - Supporters for cause - Donations - Volunteers - Visibility

The Power of Social Media

Still, many organizations are not harnessing the power of Facebook, twitter, and Instagram to reach their goals.

Some studies have found that nonprofits still believe email and websites are their most important communication tools, even when almost half of all Americans learn about organizations and their causes through social media.

Misconceptions About Social Media

The following are common misconceptions that fuel the idea that a social media strategy, led by a professional team, is non-essential for a nonprofit:

  • My niece/nephew can do it for us.
    Yes, he fixed your computer and updated your Windows and has a Smartphone stuck to his hand. That does not mean he is your guy (or gal). An effective social media strategy is equal parts art and science. It is time intensive. It requires editorial planning and professional expertise, and entails keeping up with ever changing algorithms and trends.
  • We have no money for social media.
    As a non-profit, your marketing or communications budget may be limited. And that is exactly the reason why a social media strategy is necessary. Since you may not be able to boost every post, all posts must be engaging enough to keep the audience interested and your supporters on board. Not only that. A social media strategy is an investment on your cause.
  • Social media strategies are for businesses.
    Monetization is not always the goal for nonprofits. Obtaining support for your campaigns and getting volunteers are some worthy goals which may be reached with an effective, customized campaign for your nonprofit. Moreover, nonprofits can use Facebook and other channels to strengthen their relationship with grantors and individual donors alike.
  • We cannot compete with the myriad of content on Facebook.
    Pictures and videos depicting an organization´s beneficiaries (be it an endangered species or an empowered minority group) have the rough, thought provoking and emotional quality that makes users pause and take a look. This is great news when you are competing for attention with 2.5 billion content pieces shared by Facebook users every day (some estimates place the figure closer to 3 billion).

The final and more corrosive myth is probably that a professional media strategy will be extremely expensive. At Bloominari, we are sensitive to the needs of local nonprofits and small businesses.

Call us for a free strategy session

You may be surprised about what we can do together –for a good cause.

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