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Which Of Our Social Media Marketing Packages Is Best For Your Business?

You know that your business needs social media marketing. (If you disagree with that statement, please read this first.) What you may not know is exactly how much social media marketing your company needs and what it should cost.

When you can find so many social media marketing packages available online, which do you choose? Which will deliver the results you want without breaking your budget? Do you really need to spend thousands of dollars each month for ample social media marketing services?

I’d really like to help you with this important business decision.

So in this blog post, I’m going to provide candid, transparent information about what I feel are the best social media marketing packages for different types of businesses. To determine this, I have used a combination of affordability along with features that are likely to achieve desired goals.

Just to review, here are some major benefits of effective social media marketing:

  • Brand management
  • Customer service
  • Improved SEO
  • Allows content development
  • Enhances brand awareness
  • Finds more customers
  • Increases leads and conversions
  • Establishes credible reputation
  • Quick corporate news updates
  • A place to share photos and videos
  • Provides unique opportunity to learn from target audience
  • Spread your message to the entire world

Read on the find out which of Bloominari’s social media marketing packages is best for your business!

Very Small Start-Up Local Business: Basic

Just beginning your new business venture? It’s important to have a social media presence right from the start, even if it’s only a Facebook page. Our lowest option out of our social media marketing packages is the Basic plan, which will provide your business with adequate Facebook marketing while you get your feet wet. We can add Twitter and LinkedIn to your social media presence whenever you’re ready for it.

Small Local Brick & Mortar Business: Standard

This extremely affordable plan uses Facebook and Twitter marketing to promote your small business on social media, extend your business’s reach through use of hashtags and improve your website’s SEO. When your potential customers see that your business is on two of the major social media platforms, it will immediately establish credibility for your brand. The Standard package includes strategy development, monthly social media reports, content research for posts and custom designs to enhance the social media pages.

Medium-Sized Local Brick & Mortar Business or Small Online Business: Plus

If you’re operating a larger brick and mortar store or an online business, but consider your company a small business, the Plus plan could be the optimal plan for you. For only $499 per month, your business will have branded Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn pages with consistent messaging and posts. We take care of the content research for posts, we do the scheduling, we interact with users who engage with your brand and we send you monthly performance reports. All you need to do is tell us you want the Plus plan.

Medium-Sized Online Business:  Pro

This social media marketing package arguably gets you the best bang for your buck. It is just like the Plus plan, except it includes a phone/Skype/in-person conference, two content development pieces and a custom-made graphic each month. If your business’s sales primarily come from online, and generate more than $500,000 in revenue per year, then this would be the most beneficial plan for you.

Established Nation-Wide Business:  Enterprise

All the bells and whistles are included in the Enterprise plan. If you have the money to spend on awesome social media marketing services, this plan will get you: two hours of content research per week for social media posts, four pieces of content per month, one press release per month, two custom-designed graphics per month, a social promotion campaign, a social contest campaign and a social sweepstakes campaign. The Enterprise package will create an extremely engaging social media presence that is sure to create an influx in website traffic and customers for your business.

Social Media Marketing Packages

Keep in mind that all of our social media marketing packages are entirely customizable!

Therefore, if none of these packages look perfect, please contact us for a free project quote for a custom-designed social media marketing package that is exactly right for YOUR business.







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