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12 Ways To Save Time & Money. Part 4. Sales & Marketing Automation Ideas #MarketingFridays. Ep.17

Hello again, welcome to Marketing Fridays.

This is part 4 of 12 ways to save time and money in your sales and marketing tasks. So if you haven't seen the first three parts, make sure to go back and see those first. They're going to be the ones where we shared already nine different ways. These are going to be the last three. 

Note: This blog post was created from the transcription of the video shown above. We recommend that you reference the video in order to understand the concepts we'll be mentioning below.

For number 10, save new website leads into your CRM system. So automatically be able to get your leads inside your CRM system, so that you don't have to manually type in their information. 

The way we do this at our company is actually by having the people fill out our contact form on our website. So here's how the contact us page looks on our website. 

When you fill it in, this contact form is actually a contact form from Jotform.com. So every time somebody fills out this form, the information gets saved to a database and that database JotForm is later then synchronized with Zapier into our CRM. 

So here you actually see five Zaps or five integration between JotForm which is the forms software into our CRM system. So the one for the contact form is right here - the main contact form. So every time somebody fills it out, we automatically save that information or send it over or synchronize it into AgileCRM

Every time there's a new submission for that form, in this specific case which form, well the ‘contact us’ form, we actually separate the first and last name separate and then we create a contact and then we add a note. So this five steps happen every time somebody fills out our contact form. So that's what we mean by saving time for saving those leads, because those people who fill out the form are actually considered leads for us. So that's number 10. 

Number 11 is to actually add your new leads or your new client into your existing email newsletter. So, you don't want to have to manually have to export your list from your CRM or whatever you're using into MailChimp or your other email marketing software. The idea is to have it automated so that you don't have to do anything every time you have a new lead or client. 

We also do this through Zapier. In this case, we're actually connecting our CRM where we already have our existing leads that in this case came from the website or from any other place where we have them. Once they are there as leads, we add them into MailChimp, into the MailChimp lead list. 

Whenever they do become clients then we also additionally add them into the MailChimp customer list which we have. So here in Zapier, I'm going to show you how that looks. So every time there's a new contact that in this case it's tagged, we tag them with the specific tag that we choose in this case customer. So every time we tag a customer or I mean a contact with the tag called customer, they will automatically be subscribed to our MailChimp newsletter; well, not the newsletter yet but the actual list. 

So in this case we're adding them to a specific list which is the customer list Bloominari customer list. So that's kind of what you do in order to save time adding people to your newsletter. 

Finally step or idea number 12 is to automatically promote all of your new blog posts on social media. So through our back-end or administrators control panel of our website, we have it set up that every time we actually create a new blog post on our website, it will automatically send a tweet into our Twitter account. 

There are several tools out there where you can do this, you can do through Zapier or you can do this also through IFTT which is 'if this than that', so we have several options to choose from. That again is another way to save some time by automatically posting and letting all your social media followers know that you have new content for them to read. 

All right, that's it, this concludes part number four, and I hope you really enjoyed this 12 different ways to save time by automating your sales and marketing. See you in the next episode.

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