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12 Ways to save time & money. Part 3. Sales & Marketing Automation Ideas #MarketingFridays. Ep 16

Hello, this is Marketing Fridays Episode 16.

This is part 3 of 12 ways to save time and money in your sales and marketing task.

So the seventh thing you can do to save time would be to track whether or not your contacts receive, open and click your emails. There are several different types of extensions or built-in features depending on the CRM that you're using that lets you see whether or not the people who you been in touch with have actually received what you sent them and that saves you a lot of time, so that you don't have to follow up by sending additional emails or calling to make sure that they actually got what you sent them. 

Note: This blog post was created from the transcription of the video shown above. We recommend that you reference the video in order to understand the concepts we'll be mentioning below.

So here I'm going to show you how it looks actually inside our AgileCRM, which shows me exactly when people clicked or opened the last emails. Right here I'm actually showing you the last two days of any emails opened. So I can see here Alexis opened my email three minutes ago, Todd Ochsner opened those 22 minutes ago and I can go on and on and see every single email that's been opened. 

There's another way where I can go and actually check and see if they clicked any of the links within any of the emails. So that's really great for saving a lot of time. It also makes sure that if people told you that they didn't get the email, but you can actually check and see that they did, you know that they're lying to you. So that's one thing to definitely consider as a great feature to have in a CRM built in or as a plugin in your email system. 

The screenshot that you see here to the right is actually an extension from hotspot for Google Chrome. I don't have it right now installed, so I cannot show you the actual stream but this is how it looks.

Number eight, you can save a lot of time with scheduling. There's a lot of tools out there that let you schedule meetings with people and that's really time-consuming if you have to do it manually. So simply sending people a link that takes them to a scheduling system, it's amazing. This is going to be the one that AgileCRM has built-in into their software which is great and I'm going to show how it looks. 

So at the bottom of my signature, I actually have the link that says, do you want to book an appointment with me? Click here and when they click, they get to come to this page and on this page they can choose how long they want to speak with me - 15 minutes, 30 minutes or an hour and then they can choose a date and then the calendar actually goes, checks my google calendar, because this is tied to my Google Calendar. It makes sure that I don't have any other appointment and then it'll show up the availability of time slots where you can in fact get in touch with me. 

So in this case you can see 4 May, 16 Tuesday there's only available between 1:00 p.m. and 5:00 p.m. being the latest one. If we go to Monday, actually it is going to show that there's no availability; why? Because you can actually change the settings on the actual business hours inside your AgileCRM. So in this case, I have it scheduled to only have meetings Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday and here I chose the specific times. So again this is connected to Google Calendar and it's really great. 

It has saved me a lot of time when booking time with people but continuing with this, let me pick a time and then you can simply fill up your name your email you can decide what type of meeting you want to have? Any additional notes and then you click confirm and you're going to get an email on with the reminder for the calendar. So that's another great way to save some time with your day-to-day sales and marketing.

Finally, for this section number nine, you can save a lot of time sending proposals to your prospects using web-based proposing or proposal software. In our company now, we're using Proposify and I'm going to show you quickly how that looks, and it's a really great tool. 

So this is the inside of our tool. You can click here on templates. Once you go to the templates, you're going to see all the different templates that we've actually already pre-built, then we can use to create any new actual proposals. So here I have different templates for Branding, for e-commerce, for marketing, for social media, for web design for other you know different types of things that we offer for a client. When you click on any of the templates you can actually edit the template and then anything that you will change on that template for any future proposals, that's going to be what's going to be used, just like any regular templating software. 

So this is just quickly how it looks when you're editing it. You have a lot of great tools for adding images, background links; it's all web-based so it's really nice. This is how the editing on the template looks like and then if I wanted to actually go in here and create a new proposal. I go here at the pipeline. I'm going to get a list of all the templates that exist, if I click here onto new proposal and then I simply want to choose the template that I want to base my new proposal from. So if I put the mouse over any of these templates, you'll see the use this button and if I were to click on it, I'll start customizing that template as a proposal. 

So that's it, that's the three things for this part of Marketing Fridays. Hope you enjoyed it and come back for the last part number four. Where we're going to be showing you three more things for automating your sales and marketing. 

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