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9 Resources to Effectively Convert Leads into Buyers

Leads. Buyers. Sales.

These are the terms an online marketer yearns for every second. We try different tactics -- all because we want to get leads and buyers, and of course, sales.

But what if I tell you there’s a perfect website that converts 100% of its leads to customers?

I’m sure you’ll find no website fitting this description!

And this underlines the need for every online entrepreneur to test different elements of their websites to increase conversions.

B2B Website  to Maximize Conversions

Although it’s important to spy on your competitors to hack their best strategies, there comes a time when you have to accept that your visitors are unique. Furthermore, they’re in a unique situation when they visit your website.

See, I love growth hacking. Because it helps you to find more efficient processes which you can exploit them to achieve your business targets.

One of the most important metrics that online entrepreneurs look for is the number of leads they convert into buyers. Your current knowledge about lead conversion may not be sufficient because times are changing.

To make it easier for you, I’ll share 9 helpful resources and proven tips that will help you to convert leads into buyers.

1. Identify Hot, Warm, and Cold Leads

To market your product effectively, you have to be able to send the right message to each lead based on their specific interests. How do you go about it? 

i). Cold Leads

These are leads who want more helpful information about a given topic/subject. Sending your product offer to these leads will result in low conversions. Because they’re not yet ready to buy.

Recent by Marketo shows that 80% of new leads never become leads, and 50% of leads in any system are not ready to buy yet. Sales-ready leads are a good fit and show a level of interest in your offer, according to tpm.


One of the best course of actions is to send valuable non-promotional messages to a cold lead. This would increase the trust they have for you, your brand, or product.

ii). Warm Leads

These are leads who are already developing an interest in your product and need more ‘valuable’ information and messages to convince them further. You have to convince these people that your product is the ‘right’ fit for them.

74% of marketers say their top marketing priorities over the next 12 months is converting leads to customers.

Marketing Priorities

This is understandable. After all, with a lot of leads, not much can happen to your sales. But with a few qualified customers, you could triple your revenue.

iii). Hot Leads

These are people who are ready to buy your product. They're also known as sales-qualified leads (SQL). You can send your product offers to these people since you’ve established trust with them.

You can identify them through the pages they visited on your website. In most cases, you have to move your leads to this stage with content as 73% of all B2B leads are not sales-qualified.

B2B Leads are not sales-ready

Helpful resources:

2. Retarget Your Webinar Leads

The State of Ecommerce Ads Retargeting highlights some of the key trends to ponder upon. It shows some striking trends about retargeting.

For instance, after search engine marketing (Paid search and SEO) and affiliate programs, online retailers say they use retargeting as an effective tactic for customer acquisition.

77% of survey respondents plan to spend more on retargeting in the coming years, while 18% planned to spend the same amount they have been spending in the past year. [source]

Retailers Acquire Customers

People who attend your webinar have indicated a level of interest in your product/service or are willing to get more information about it. Sometimes, you’re basically hosting a webinar to teach an important concept in your field.

After the webinar, you can retarget attendees and non-attendees with different messages. Likewise, you can retarget attendees based on how involved they were with your brand.

Helpful resources:

  • What is Retargeting and How Does It Work?
  • The Multiple Benefits of Retargeting Ads
  • Everything You Need to Know About Retargeting

3. Segment Your Audience

Here’s the truth:

Your leads are at different stages of your sales funnel. And if you sell more than a single product, your leads may have an interest in different products.

In a situation like this, sending a single message to all your leads will achieve little in terms of conversions. Therefore, you have to personalize your messages to each lead based on their interests.

This is why 62% of marketing professionals in a survey said improving audience segmentation was their campaign management priority.

Campaign Management

This is especially applicable to email marketing. When you capture emails address of your target audience, you need to segment them according to how they engaged with your content.

This is important if you want to determine the product a lead is interested in and their level of interest. Armed with this data, it’s a lot easier to send the right messages that get opened and read.

Helpful resources:

4. Show Off Case Studies, Testimonials, and Social Proof

To show how your service can improve your lead's life, the best way is to display how others have benefited. What do your current customers say about your business? How has your product improved their lives and businesses?

On Bloominari’s homepage, we showcase our customers’ testimonials and case studies, as a way to further prove that our digital marketing services work.

Customers Reviews

You can contact our California Digital Marketing Agency if you’re ready to grow your search traffic and ranking.

Social proof is a way to show a lead what your business can do. Look at it this way, let's say a business shows reviews of customers who have purchased from them and another business shows none.

A potential customer will likely go for the business with reviews. Or what do you think?

It's no surprise that a BrightLocal study found that 85% of consumers trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations.

As a business, you should encourage customer reviews, prepare case studies, take testimonials from past and current customers to make your products more appealing to prospects.

Personal Recommendations

Below is Bizzabo’s testimonial page showing what customers think about their event planning service.

The Center of Our Universe

Helpful resources:

5. Test Exit Intent Popups to Capture More Site Visitors Before They Leave

In most cases, a visitor doesn't convert on their first visit to your website. In fact, Ad Roll found that 98% of your website visitors don't convert on their first visit to your website.

98% of visitors don´t convert

However, one reality is that you can turn a large portion of the 98% to customers. If you follow up with them after your first visit. One way to execute this is through the exit intent pop-up.

When visitors are about to click the “X” button on their browser tab, they can see a pop-up to capture their name and email addresses. Through this, you can reach out to these visitors on a later date and hopefully convert them to customers. It’s also less intrusive than other popups as visitors were about to leave.

Website Popup

See this detailed resource for more details about exit intent pop-ups.

6. Leverage Proximity Marketing

This type of marketing has made it possible for businesses to send personalized messages to smartphones based on their locations. Smartphone users can receive messages when they’re in proximity to a Bluetooth network and their Bluetooth is on and discoverable. Proximity marketing can also be through NFC, RFID, and WiFi.

The popularity of beacons is an opportunity that you can exploit to send offers to customers even while they’re shopping in your physical store. These notifications can lead a customer to a webpage where they can access the promotional offers or a coupon code.

Proximity Marketing

Businesses like retail and real estate find this technology beneficial as they can target people in locations closest to them. These are the people who are likely to become customers.

Check this resource from beaconstac for more details about proximity marketing.

7. Spy on Users’ Mouse Movements

Where do users look at most on your website? If you're able to answer this question, then you can place your most important page elements at places where visitors tend to look at most.

This is where a tool like Crazy Egg play an important role. Through its heat map, you can see regions on your page that visitors move their mouses to mostly. When you discover these regions, you can study the page elements that are currently there.

You can then place an important page element, like email capture form, at places visitors view. An important service banner or any other element could be added to regions visitors see.

Spy Users Movements

See this guide to know more about how Crazy Egg can help your website increase conversions.

8. Take Advantage of Color Psychology

Because we see color every day, it’s easy to underrate its effect. However, the truth of the matter is that color could determine your product’s attractiveness to a potential customer. For instance, a study found that color is the main reason why 85% of consumers purchase a product.

The Influence of Color

For instance, look at Robert Plutchik’s wheel of emotions. This shows you can evoke different emotions from buyers.

Color and emotions

Your product may be the best. But choosing a poor color can have a negative effect on your sales. There are many things that color could mean when you’re marketing a product.

For instance, red can create a sense of urgency and this is good for clearance sales. If you’re marketing a product to men, you can use the blue color as this is their favorite. You can also use green for a relaxed and natural feel.

You should also consider color psychology when considering the color of your store. Here’s a detailed guide about color psychology.

9. Build Anticipation in Your Offer

The best time to start selling your product is before it becomes available on the market. But doing this can be more of an art form than a science.

How does a company like Apple manage to get a huge amount of pre-orders before launching any version of its iPhone? You see hundreds of people line up, itching to have their hands on the new Apple smartphone.

One way Apple is able to do this is by building anticipation for its product. Before your product is out, you need to give people a snippet of features that will be present in your product. Below is an example by Sony.

Sony Xperia

In some cases, this could be press leaks, selecting lucky prospects for demos, and building publicity around your product.

Before Samcart launched its checkout page software, it sent pre-launch videos to 25,000 emails. These videos explained how the software would work. From these subscribers, Samcart was able to signup 3,000 new customers.


Check out this blog post from Quick Sprout to learn how to hype your products before launch.


Converting leads to buyers take a lot of work. But if you can put in this work, you’ll gain enough customers to meet your business targets.

Use these resources to guide you on converting more of your leads to customers.

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