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How To Set Up Facebook Conversion Tracking

If you’re running Facebook ads or boosted posts, Facebook will automatically show you some great data about how many people see your ad and how many people are taking action by liking, sharing, or commenting on your ad. You’ll also see how many people are clicking to go to your website. By default, though, Facebook won’t tell you how many people actually converted as a result of your ad.

Luckily, this is easy for us to fix. Follow these simple steps to gain better insights into your company’s ad performance!

Why should I add conversion tracking to my website?

Facebook conversion tracking helps you understand:

  • How many ad-referred visitors are taking action on your website
  • Which ad or boosted post is leading to the most conversions

Without conversion tracking, you’re left guessing about which sales or mailing list sign-ups were the direct results of your paid advertising. It’s hard to justify investing money in online ads if you don’t know how many sales you received as a result.

All you need to set up Facebook conversion tracking is a Facebook ads account, a clear understanding of the conversion you’re tracking, and the page you’re going to be using to track the conversion. Here are a few examples:

  • Purchases of a product are tracked via visits to a unique thank you page.
  • Sign-ups for a mailing list are tracked via visits to a unique thank you page.
  • Views of a key page, like a unique whitepaper download page, are tracked by visitors to that specific page.

You may even have multiple conversion types on your website, which is totally okay! Facebook will let you track as many as you want. Just make sure you select the right one when you create your ad or boosted post.

How do I set up Facebook conversion tracking?

  1. Go to Conversion Tracking and click on create a pixel.
  2. Facebook will ask you what kind of conversion you’re tracking. Select from Checkouts, Registrations, Leads, Key Page Views, Adds to Basket, or Other Website conversions.
  3. Give your pixel a name that you’ll remember.
  4. A box will pop up called view pixel code. Copy its contents.
  5. Go to the page you’re using to track that conversion and paste the code inside the tags. Save the page once you’re done. 

Now all we need to do is link your conversion tracking pixel to a Facebook ad or boosted post. Note that your ad does not need to send people to the tracking page (e.g., your shopping cart’s thank you page) for the conversion to be tracked. Facebook will be able to see which visits your thank you page resulted from the Facebook ad, even if the first page they visited was a specific product page.

How do I link my Facebook ad to my conversion pixel?

  1. Visit the Ad Creator and click Website Conversions.
  2. Input the specific link you want to send your visitors to; your conversion pixels will then load below the text-box you pasted the link into. Select the correct conversion pixel.
  3. Finish creating the ad as you typically would.

How do I link my Facebook boosted post to my conversion pixel?

  1. Once you’re on your Facebook Page, navigate to the post you want to boost and click boost post.
  2. If your conversion pixel is set up correctly, you’ll see “Conversion Pixel” underneath Audience on the right side of the window. Select the correct conversion pixel.
  3. Finish boosting the post as you typically would.

How can I see the results?

Once you’ve created your conversion pixel and set up your first linked Facebook ad or boosted post, it’s time to see how well your advertising is working! Go to Facebook Ads Reporting, then select “Website Conversions” underneath “Current Report” to view the results.

Curious about how you can get the most out of your Facebook Marketing? We’d love to help! Schedule a free strategy session today and let’s get started!

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