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How to Grow your Business by Targeting the Hispanic Demographic

When trying to find new customers for our businesses, we often overlook the most obvious target: our neighbors. And if you live in California, chances are those neighbors are Hispanic.

As announced this June, Latinos are officially the largest ethnic group in California, outnumbering whites. This demographic group is a mixed bag of people who were born in the U.S. and migrated here. Some are second or third generation, others moved a couple of years ago. Their English proficiency varies. Even those who are comfortable speaking English sometimes throw in in a phrase or two in Spanish, which is the language of their parents, a language attached to their roots, idioms that feel like home.

So here´s a tip:

If want to grow your business by targeting the Hispanic demographic group, use Spanish in all of your communications and marketing messages.

Now, we know this is easier said than done.

There are few things that Latinos resent more than companies that want to market to them, but do so with a poor understanding of Spanish language.

Even when customers are not versed in the grammatical rules of the language, they just know when something does not sound quite right. Examples of this include:

  • Forced translations
  • Bad syntax and spelling
  • Actors who speak with an American accent
  • Use of stereotypes

Recognizing the need of high quality content in Spanish, and the marketing potential of using Spanish in our clients Social Media campaigns, websites and blogs, Bloominari has included the option to customize any of our marketing services for the Latino segment. We fully bilingual, experienced native Spanish content writers who will be able to connect and engage with the Hispanic group on a deep level.

Services in Spanish include:

  • Website content translation and adaptation
  • Website content creation
  • Social Media Campaigns (Facebook, twitter, Google+, etc.)
  • Blogs - Press releases

Bilingual or mixed options (a mix of content in English and Spanish are also offered). Call Bloominari and we will be able to implement a marketing campaign that will suit the specific needs of your intended audience. And remember… your neighbors might be your first clientes.

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