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Intro to Email Marketing Automation #MarketingFridays Ep.10

Hello, Welcome to Marketing Fridays Ep.10. 

Today we're going to be talking about something pretty important, an introduction to e-mail marketing automation.

A lot of people ask us you know how actual email marketing and email marketing automation works so in this episode we're going to be covering that so that you really get a good understanding and introduction to how it works. All right let's get to it. So the first thing that has to happen is:

1.you have to drive traffic of some sort to some type of website or landing page so that you can direct users to where you want them to go. So in this example here we showing you a Facebook ad and when people click on a Facebook ad they can be taken either what's called a Facebook lead ads capture form which is something fairly new on Facebook that doesn't require the use of any page or a website. The moment people click on the ad they’ll see a pop up on Facebook and then their information is pre-populated there so that they don't have to type in anything and it's a much faster way to capture people's information.

2. The second option is a landing page which is a one page website specifically created for capturing people's you know name and email at the very least and there's basically nothing else that you can actually click on that page. it's designed like that on purpose so that people don't get distracted.


3. The other option is you can simply send people to your regular website in which case if it's optimized for conversion which means for people to click on your call to action button then they may probably do it otherwise you know people are going to start clicking on the menu and then the footer and all different places so they're not going to be directed to where you want them to go. But in any case that’s what could possibly happen.

So pretty much the first step for having marketing automated you have to have their email address in this case why because email marketing is the most popular part of marketing automation and it requires that once you have somebody’s e-mail then you’re going to put them into a process so that pretty much a computer is automatically going to send them a series of emails.  So in this specific case we’re showing you a landing page for a company called AdRol that's offering a free guide to account base marketing so people fill out their name and email and that way they can actually get to download the P.D.F. and the moment that you click on this form then obviously the company is going to have your name and email and will be able to follow up with you automatically. So that's where the automation happens, instead of someone having to email you automatically or have to give you a call your information gets saved into a database and into a system that automatically will send you emails based on whatever the marketing automation system or flow was designed to do.

Another important thing to keep in mind is here, this is the statistic from leadpages.net. it's a software that’s focused on creating landing page software to make it easy to create landing pages and it says you know about ninety-five percent of conversions, that means people filling out a form or clicking on a button or giving you a call but something that you can track which includes of course creating leads or potential clients which is directly related to how much money or revenue a company creates only comes from about five percent of the pages in your website, the rest of your web pages on your website you know they may be informative but they're not going to be generating leads or clients. In the most simple scenario, if you have a five page website you know the page that will generate the leads is probably going to be the contact page right where people go and they’re going to fill out the form to get in touch with you in that case of course one page out of five would be twenty percent.  But assuming you have a larger site most likely only very few pages are going to be the ones that are going to be creating and generating leads for you.

Why is this important; it's important because all those other pages that people are visiting are not really that relevant so obvious the leadpages is mentioning this statistics because they want you to buy their software which is all about creating one page websites again called landing pages; but it's also important for you because in this specific topic about email marketing automation you know the rest of the sales process really happens through email and not on your website right this is why this is important.

So moving on all right; so once you capture a user's name and email the automated marketing process begins. This can be done through the email marketing software or through a CRM (customer relationship management software). A C.R.M. has to have in this case marketing automation or email marketing for it to be able to be used for marketing automation otherwise it won't be useful.

So what can you do in the C.R.M?

1. You can segment your list which means you filter your contacts base on the type of contacts that they are based on either the type of product or service that they're interested in or some other way that you want to segment your list. You can create multiple lists so that you can actually send different information to different people so that it's actually more targeted and that's very important.

2. Then you get to automate email campaign by creating pretty much a series of emails so pre-create the emails and then you say okay email one is going to be sent out on day zero or the moment someone signs up. Day two we're going to send them the second email, maybe on day seven we send the third email and then on day fifteen we send the fourth right. You create the schedule then on the CRM or the email marketing software should also allow you to track how many emails were opened, how many of those were clicked and you can track a lot of different things to see you know how you're doing. Something that's important is of course to make sure that you're not spamming people so that Gmail, Yahoo or Hotmail which other mean email providers for a lot of people don't blacklist you. That means we don't want them to put you on a list so that people won’t stop getting your emails so that's important.

3. The next step is here just defining in a little bit more detail you know what are you supposed to really do to create a relationship with them. So think about all these series of emails acting like your sales agents so marketing automation really is more like sales automation right where the emails are informing your potential clients about who it is that you are what it is you offer and how you solve the pain points is all about so this series of emails have to be delivered in a timely fashion. That means you know you don't want to send three emails in one day or you also don't want to send one email in one day and then another the second day, another the third day because that may not be necessarily very good. It depends really on your industry and your company but usually you’re going to think about how you're going to send them and the whole goal of this is really to create brand awareness as well as being informative so that you know when people are going to be ready to buy from you they'll actually remember that you exist which is the same thing that pretty much a sales agent that would call someone regularly to follow up with them is doing. They’re reminding them that the company exists.

4. Finally, part of this email marketing relationship is about creating trust right, through these series of informative emails you want to make sure that people are starting to trust your brand and to trust what it is that you're offering. So if you only sent for example one email you're probably not going to be trusted that much because people are not going to really get to know you very much but if you create a series of emails through this automation the more and more people learn about you the more they're likely to be trusting you.But of course that is going to take time.

And then some of you might be asking themselves okay so this sounds all awesome but how do we really make money out of this marketing automation? How do we get people to buy from us? That’s a very important point so to keep in mind which I didn't mention before. This email should not be about directly what it is that you're trying to sell to them because if you initially start just sending people emails about what it is you're selling they're going to quickly unsubscribe and you're not going to be reaching them any longer so the idea here is you first have to provide a lot of value first.  A very good formula to keep in mind is:

1. You send three things that are valuable and free we’re not selling anything and then you maybe the fourth time you do try to offer something that’s paid and then you know you maybe send another three emails where you’re just providing value and then on that eighth email then you might also try to send them offer or a promotion or something that people can actually purchase. And that's really the key. You want to make sure people find that what you're doing is valuable and that they're going to really want to keep reading because that's the whole idea. If they're not going to read the first email because you're trying to sell to them then you're not going to get them to open the second email or the third email. So again it’s all about creating trust, providing valuable information and really building a relationship through email. So here I’m not going to show you visually how that looks but it's just a really quick intro about how email marketing automation works. I hope you learned a little bit and I thank you again for coming to watch Marketing Fridays.

This is Jaime Nacach from Bloominari see you next time.

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