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How 7 Companies Use CRM Automation to Increase Revenue

CRM solutions vary from company to company because each company has different dynamics in terms of sales and marketing, products and services, and customer needs.

Therefore a CRM solution is a program that collects all customer data in one place using CRM software.

Interestingly, companies can collect customer information using various tools and methods in CRM software.

Customer relationship management is essential for business success. With a CRM (Customer Relationship Management) platform, companies can manage, automate, and synchronize every aspect of customer interaction.

 CRM communication

Examples of CRM systems include marketing, sales, customer service, and support management platforms that help companies work more efficiently.

The truth is, several aspects of CRM can be complex and boring. But it’s important that you do them yourself or let a virtual assistant help you. Find and hire a virtual assistant from Latin America by visiting VirtualLatinos.com

This in-depth article introduces 7 case studies that show you how the best brands use CRM automation tools to increase revenue.

1. Unilever

Unilever uses CRM to capture real-time customer surveys across all channels and run targeted campaigns to capture customer data. With a range of products, it’s important to segment customers based on their specific needs.

Unilever Family Products

Unilever is one of the big brands that understand how important it is to have customer's information in one place and respond to it.

Unilever has found a solution that has been implemented by marketing technology company Alchemetrics. Alchemetry has completed a project to integrate customer information into a platform called Thrust.

This platform has helped Unilever conduct multi-channel campaigns and utilizes customer touchpoints. An example of this is a trademark of Unilever, Dove.

2. British Airways

It uses CRM to automate a series of ongoing campaigns and customer communications.

For airlines that carry more than 45 million passengers to more than 200 destinations, customer service is one of the most critical parts of operations.

British Airway Website

And on a very competitive airline, excellent customer service can be a distinguishing feature.

However, to serve your customers better, you need to understand them very well and use insights effectively. For this reason, British Airways (BA) has decided to use CRM software to achieve this.

BA has decided to include CRM Teradata in Integrated Commercial Warehouses (ICW) to reduce the cost of running a North American campaign and reduce overall external costs.

Teradata CRM allows BA to have email, direct mail, call center, and web feeds in one interface. It provides a platform for their marketing communications, including information about Executive Clubs and BARC (Registered Customers Online BA).

BA can create customer loyalty programs. The advantages of the Executive Club are:

  • Every customer can participate for free, and there are no fees at this time.
  • There are benefits because special offers and user data are stored to book flights in the future easily.
  • Club members receive personalized and targeted communication.
  • You can get progress points through levels that include blue, silver, gold.

They also managed to free up resources because the analysis team was reduced from 8 to 3. Due to more complex customer reports, the volume of marketing questions increased by 150%.

Marketing costs are reduced because companies increase their email campaigns and reduce their email campaigns. This has helped the company take a new direction with modern strategies and records and revenue growth.

3. Volvo

Volvo Construction Equipment integrates multi-channel marketing strategies to increase sales through CRM tools. The company also had a goal to increase leads to sales conversion.

Volvo Automation Goals Chart

To increase revenue, you need to be able to interact with customers and track interactions across channels.

For Volvo, the challenge is to win more customers. They chose SEO and social media.

Volvo CE uses search engines to drive traffic to its website. When these visitors visit their website, Volvo CE tries to make them a prominent customer by having them subscribe to their monthly bulletin.

Interested parties can also register for a bi-monthly bulletin about the equipment used. For example, a Volvo CE ad posted nearly 300,000 impressions on Facebook.

Of this, 9,485 people clicked on the ad, and 27 turned out to be direct sales for the sale of high-quality products.

Volvo Website Homepage

They succeeded in leading around $2,000, a reduction in the price of tin (CPL) 30%. When this connection is generated, their data is entered into Microsoft Dynamics CRM.

This is quite easy to implement because the Exact Target (ESP) e-mail service provider is integrated with CRM and its website.

This will send an email about the product that interests you. This means that email is tailored to the specific needs of each user.

They can identify their needs based on the pages they visit on their website, the products they buy, and other relevant information.

4. Wells Fargo

Wells Fargo uses CRM connectivity for social media to attract customers and increase sales Wells Fargo is one of the Big Four banks in the US, with around 70 million customers. With this large number of customers, there is a need for active customer service.

Wells Gargo is Family

One place where you can offer this service is social media. Wells Fargo uses Salesforce to track all brand names on various social media platforms.

In this way, Wells Fargo can answer consumer questions and respond to their complaints.

In 2013, Wells Fargo was mentioned more than one million times on social media. It consists of positive and negative mentions. With their CRM software, they can track all these titles and communicate with users who are interested in Wells Fargo services.

5. Cisco

Cisco uses CRM to increase team productivity and identify new opportunities.


Cisco wants to improve the performance of its advanced technology specialists. They want solutions that will enable real-time, mission-critical, and company-wide collaboration.

Because this is all about completing complex customer requests, a product sales specialist can only spend 30% of his time on strategic activities such as making and selling sales.

As a result, the company implemented the WebEx program to simplify the process. This program is used to solve complex customer problems and to work with fast response teams who are trained to answer tactical questions.

After this implementation, sales representatives spend 20% more time on productive and strategic tasks. They also increase external interactions by 40% and reduce work time by an average of 10%.

Also, users are more satisfied with their services and an average of 4.88 on a five-point scale. All this was achieved by reducing travel costs by 40 to 60% in three quarters.

This is an example of CRM to increase employee productivity in customer service.

6. Bespoke Special Collection

The four Bespoke Collection brands are the best wine, beautiful works of art, and unique customer experiences.

They are tailor-made to provide the highest level of customer experience known to build deep relationships through their loyalty and membership programs.

Customer Loyalty Program

The Bespoke team also worked hard to understand customer and company behavior related to buying habits.

With the growth of the bespoke customer base, customer data management has become a real challenge.

With the introduction of a CRM solution, business leaders have been able to offer their customers the personal attention their organization has determined from the start.

Investing in social technology provides comprehensive insights about customers that go beyond the frequency of visits and monetary values.

This enables Bespoke to add more interest-based content to local customers and attract potential customers for a more predictable and personalized experience.

7. Activision

Activision is known to players around the world as the brand behind some of the most popular video games. Founded in 1979, the company is active in more than 15 countries.

Modern Warfare 3 2011 edition was the biggest and most successful entertainment startup of its time, generating more than $400 million in the first 24 hours. This is just one of the benchmarks of Activision's success.

Activison world games

The company is proud to offer its players an extraordinary experience that will make them happy and satisfied for a long time after purchase.

Activision uses cloud marketing to monitor social media conversations that are relevant to their products.

The Cloud Service then helps Activision track the calls. Because social media customer service is more cost-effective than traditional methods, Activision has been able to reduce the annual cost of ownership of customer service by 25%.


When it comes to automation and CRM, businesses need to understand that human input is still required, especially at the initial stages of its implementation.

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