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CRM+E-mail Marketing using ActiveCampaign & AgileCRM: Part 1. #MarketingFridays Ep.19

Hi, welcome to Marketing Fridays episode 19.

Today I'm going to be helping you compare and see the benefit of using two different CRM + marketing automation systems. We're going to be talking about ActiveCampaign as well as AgileCRM. And I'm going to tell you here why you should probably be using both if you're interested in having a great CRM as well as an amazing email marketing automation tool with pretty much no limits for the number of contacts that you have. 

Let's get started first by comparing the visual user interface of ActiveCampaign and AgileCRM when it comes to creating the marketing automation. So, right here I'm showing you the inside of a marketing campaign with an AgileCRM and you can see that it's very easy to actually drag and drop each of these things called nodes. And then you're able to drag and drop by moving from here to there, different nodes that you can include. 

Note: This blog post was created from the transcription of the video shown above. We recommend that you reference the video in order to understand the concepts we'll be mentioning below.

You can check whether an email is open, you can wait to send another email, you can check if it's clicked, you can add tags. There's a lot of things that you can do. There's actually virtually pretty much no limit to what you can do with AgileCRM. The limit is based on the plan that you are on and we'll talk about it in a second and this is how the inside visual marketing automation platform with an ActiveCampaign looks like. It's also very easy to view, but it's not as easy to move stuff around. So in that sense, it's a little bit more rigid, but functionality wise, it will be the same, and actually more and better.

If you want to add a specific action or workflow within it, there's a lot of things that you can do. We're not going to go through that in this video, but there's a lot that you can do through ActiveCampaign which is great. 

So, now let's start. Why should you actually marry both ActiveCampaign and AgileCRM? Well, the quick answer is really mostly to best use your money. Here's our logic of why we're using both, and this is assuming that you're also a small business and you don't want to spend a lot of money. Let's compare plans.

Right here, I have the AgileCRM different plans depending on the plan that you like to have, including the free plan which includes up to 10 users or their start-up plan, which is the plan that we are on. So, if you're in the free plan, you get a thousand contacts which are great. If you're in the minimum paying plan, you have at least up to 10,000 contacts which are amazing. So for those 10,000 contacts, you can do everything within the limitations of this plan. 

If we go down on this second column, you're going to see here under campaign workflows, that you're limited to five campaigns and for each campaign you're limited to ten nodes. This is what you see here. So this is one of our five campaigns and we're limited to ten dots or nodes which isn't a really good thing because in reality, each node where you're stopping and checking whether something got clicked or not or if you want to wait, each of these counts as a node. That's a pretty huge flaw in this package. 

Of course, you can pay more and you can get more nodes. In this case, you can get up to ten campaigns and twenty-five nodes. So that might be sufficient. The problem with that is that jumps from $10 a month if you prepay yearly all the way to 40 bucks a month; that's 400%. So from $10 to $40, that's a huge difference. 

So if you want to stay on this plan at $10 a month, in this case, we're paying for three users that's $30 a month prepaid for a year. So we're keeping and using AgileCRM as our main CRM and we can hold up to 10,000 contacts and we don't want to have this limit of having to only have 10 nodes. So instead we're going to use both AgileCRM as well as ActiveCampaign. 

On an ActiveCampaign, you don't pay per user, instead, you pay for the number of contacts that are saved on your CRM system. So in this case, we're showing you that we're paying on the light plan for up to five hundred contacts 9 dollars a month. That's a way smaller number compared to the ten thousand that we get right now inside AgileCRM. 

But the reality is that we really right now only have about a thousand contacts. You might have ten thousand, you might have a hundred thousand, but, we don't actually want to email market to all those thousand contacts that we currently have, because we only want to actively create marketing campaigns for those who want to convert from leads into clients or if you want to upsell any additional services to our existing clients. 

So the reality is that for us at this time, 500 is going to be more than plenty to have on the light plan. The light plan does not include things such as lead scoring, which is definitely something we're going to be using in the future. So for $9 bucks a month plus $10 bucks a month that I'm paying per user that's $9 plus $30 that's $39 bucks a month which we are going to use. We are going to have unlimited sending an unlimited amount of nodes for these 500 contacts.

Thank you very much, that's it for now for this episode on part 2 of this series. We are going to show you exactly how it is that we synchronized ActiveCampaign with AgileCRM on the two-way sync. So come back for the next episode. I'm Jaime from Bloominari, see you later. Thanks.  

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