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CRM+E-mail Marketing using ActiveCampaign & AgileCRM: Part 2. #MarketingFridays Ep.20

Welcome to marketing Fridays episode 20.

This is part 2 of CRM and email marketing automation using ActiveCampaign and AgileCRM. So through this video, I'm going to show you how we actually combine both AgileCRM and ActiveCampaign, both have great features

Note: This blog post was created from the transcription of the video shown above. We recommend that you reference the video in order to understand the concepts we'll be mentioning below.

Here let me show you how we're going to actually first transfer one contact from AgileCRM into ActiveCampaign. So the way that I've set up Zapier, I'm going to add a special tag, in this case, ActiveCampaign and once I tag it, every 15 minutes Zapier will actually automatically send this contact's information into ActiveCampaign, but in this case, I don't actually want to wait. So we're going to go in here into Zapier. I'm going to click on run and then Zapier is going to go look if there's anybody new that's been tagged with that tag. In fact, there is one, so then it created and updated the contact into ActiveCampaign. 

So if we go here to ActiveCampaign, we click on contacts, then this new contact should be created in there. In this case, let's review who it was Angel Bontigao. So right here it will look into ActiveCampaign. We're going to see that Angel has now been created. So if we click on Angel, we'll be able to see all of her details including the tags that came from Agile, her phone number, her name, her email address here in this case. So that's pretty quickly how we can show you that we connected AgileCRM with ActiveCampaign

What happens if you want to do it backward? Let's say, once you're actually using ActiveCampaign, you want to transfer the information back to AgileCRM you can also do it. So here on Zapier we have two zaps, one that goes from AgileCRM to ActiveCampaign. In this case, the trigger is when we add a new tag on agile called ActiveCampaign and then in this other case and the other zap, we have a zap going the other way from ActiveCampaign into AgileCRM.  

In this case, it says that it's instant, I've tested this quite a while now and it's unfortunately not really instant, but technically any change that I do to the contact, it will automatically update that contact into Agile. So here I created a custom field called Custom Score. I'm going to add some number, click on save, and also just make some changes to the phone number, put the country code +1, and I'm going to click on save.

Now ideally if it was true that Zapier did this instantly. I would go here into AgileCRM, I would refresh this contact, and I would now see the change, in this case, let's say on the phone number which is the only field that I have mapped out with Zapier. Oh, actually there you go, there's the +1. So it did work automatically.

So that's pretty great right. That way you can use both systems at the same time and have the best of both worlds. Thank you so much.I'm Jaime from Bloominari, see you next time.

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