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Coloring Your Brand

Branding is no easy feat.

There are an exponential number of elements to take into consideration: logo, typeface, messaging, strategy, purpose, value, audience, the list goes on. And while all of these items are essential to building a solid brand, one items reigns highest on the list. Color.

Why color? Color is the first thing our eyes see.

Without giving it any thought or effort, we naturally gravitate toward and react to color. Whether we realize it or not, scientists have proven that color evokes an emotional reaction. This creates a multisensory response in brand users.

Think about all of the biggest, most recognizable brands out there. Every single one of them is synonymous with a color, and consequently an emotional reaction. You probably know many of these brand by their color, without even realizing it.

Take a look at the color swatches below. Each one represents a well known brand. Can you guess which brands the colors go to?

 Jan7-Coloring your Brand. What colors to pick for your company's brand.


Now, see how you did.

Jan7-Coloring your Brand - Bloominari Creative Graphic Design

How did you do?

See how connected a brand is to its color, and how much of an impression it leaves on customers?

It is seemingly small things, like color, that really make a brand pop. So, when you are ready to dive head first into branding, be sure to remember how essential color is to a brand, and how much of an impression that color leaves on your customers.

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