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Should I build my own website or hire a professional web designer to help?

This is one of the greatest questions small businesses ask themselves when they’re in need of building their online web presence. As most of you already know, building a website for a company is a crucial step in order to exist in today’s digital world.

Today, if your company doesn’t have a website, it’s is just as bad as if your office doesn’t have a phone number where they can reach you. In short, building a small business website or personal web page is crucial to the marketing and branding of you or your company.

Deciding whether to build your own website or hire a professional designer?

There’s a couple of things you should think about and consider before you jump to any conclusions. Let’s take a look:

  1. Do you have the time to build your own website?
  2. Do you have the technical knowledge and/or patience to learn how to build your own website using existing online tools?
  3. Are you willing to sacrifice a website’s quality and features for your time and money?

Based on your answers to those three key questions, you should be quickly able to decide who should build your website. If you time is more valuable to grow your business and brand, for sure hire someone. If you’ve got time to spare and want to be adventurous and save some money try to build your own!

Let’s analyze a couple of scenarios:

Scenario 1:

“I’m a small company, and don’t have the money to hire someone, it’s too expensive to get a professional website designed.. but I’ve got time on my hands..”
First of all “small company” is relative, a small company can have few staff members but a big budget, or a small budget and lots of staff/team members, or maybe both a team of more than a handful of people plus an allocated budget to spend (while still being considered a small company).

For now, let’s assume you simply don’t have the money to pay any cash to anyone to help you build your web site, but you have time to spare.

  • Option 1) Build your own website: You visit do-it-yourself websites such as Wix, Weebly or Squarespace and build your own site for free or very little money.
    • Pros: You can build it, edit it, manage it and need little or no experience to learn how to do it.
    • Cons: The features and possibilities of what you can do on your website are VERY limited. You’ll most likely get to the point that you say “I wish I could do XYZ on my website”, but you won’t know how to or the software simply won’t have the tools/features to help you do it.
  • Option 2) Hire a professional website designer to build your site: You approach a professional web designer, or a marketing and design firm (Such us at Bloominari Web Design), and they take care of designing, organizing and building the site for you. You just worry about providing content and images.
    • Pros: You don’t need to spend time worrying about learning how to build a site, so you’re able to spend more time invested in growing your business - which should be more important for you and your business!
    • Cons: You’ll have to pay money to get it done, and it will require you to communicate your preferences and desires about your website with the company and designer.

Scenario 2:Should I build my own website or hire a professional web designer to help?

“I’ve got an in-house marketing staff member that’s tech-savvy, I’m sure he/she can design a simple website on their own”

  • Option 1) You ask your marketing staff member to build your site: Same as in option 1 above, you’ll get someone to start building your company’s website in-house.
    • Pros: You’re already paying him/her, so why not also ask them to also help with the company’s website. If they’re tech-savvy, they might actually be able to design a basic website on their own using the online tools available. It’s a viable option!
    • Cons: Your staff will start spending their time to focus on building a website, instead of focusing on marketing your business - which is their real role in order to bring you more sales. It’s for sure not a good idea to make your marketing staff build a website if he/she’s are not tech savvy at all. The website will probably look crappy or very basic and won’t add to your company’s brand recognition).
  • Option 2) You ask your marketing staff to hire a professional web design company, and he/she will manage it

    • Pros: Your marketing staff will still focus on their main job, to marketing the company and generate leads and sales. Yet, you’ll also make sure he’ll align the company’s goals with the content of the website, it’s a great choice!

    • Cons: You’ll still have to spend additional money to pay for the web design project, and you’ll need to share some of your company’s inside information with an outside firm.

Oct21-Time is Money. Hire someone to build your professional website. Bloominari San Diego Web DesignScenario 3:

“I’m got so much work to do in my business, that I can’t focus on building my own website. I simply can’t sacrifice my time nor the quality of our company’s online brand”

If you’re part of this scenario, it’s pretty clear that you should be focusing your time in growing your business - not on building a website or learning how to do it.

You know that your time is very valuable, so you’ll for sure approach a company or freelancer to help you develop your website. In fact, a basic template-based professionally designed website with 4 to 5 pages can cost around $795 to $995 dollars in the US. That’s very affordable when you calculate the sales potential that your professional looking website will help generate.

If you’ve got more money to invest, you could spend $2-5K on building a more robust and custom-made website to fit your specific needs. Then, if you’re looking for custom functionality on your website, you should consider investing at least $10K on your business website.

Check our company’s web design packages and pricing to see how Bloominari can help your small business.

Have you thought of any other alternatives? Please share them with us, we’ll be happy to reply to your comments below.


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