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Branding: Evoking trust and emotions + Intro to Bloominari

Let me first start by sharing with you that this is the first time I’ve ever written a blog post, so bare with me if things aren’t perfect just yet. I’d love to introduce myself, but it’s probably best we’ll do that later. I invite you to checkout www.jaimenacach.com to learn more about me and my marketing, design and small business consulting experience.

After attending a great event last night titled “Branding: How to tell a better story” which featured four panelists who are in the marketing and branding field, I felt inspired to change my original first post topic and write about what me and my company are all about. Hope this is a great way to start off this blog, where we’ll be constantly posting about marketing trends, technology, design, tips for small business, entrepreneurship and other relevant content.

Branding and Brands

The event focused on discussing the future of social media, what a brand is, what’s the difference between branding and brands, great examples of successful and unsuccessful companies who’ve created positive or very negative experiences with their customers and much more. Yet, at the end of the night I asked myself, what are the key takeaways that I can take from all these conversations and apply to Bloominari?

Key items for creating a successful brand, and applying them to our company:

  • The ability to delight customers
    This we’ll continue to achieve by always providing our customers more than they’re expecting.
  • A powerful and successful brand is one that builds trust - Today people trust me (the founder) based on the way I treat people in face-to-face meeting, my professional background and experience, and based on our company's portfolio. As we grow as a company, we’ll ensure every touchpoint with our customers creates a feeling of trust.
  • Clearly define and state who your company is, what it represent, who it’s target market is and what is their overall purpose? - more about this topic below
  • Branding is about evoking emotions on people while experiencing your products, services or brand as a whole - When people first learn about Bloominari it’s probably through our website, which we hope allows our users to learn about how we can help them, our creative approach and our experience in the marketing and design fields (we know what we’re talking about). 
  • Be consistent with your brand, message and marketing through every customer touchpoint (Also, don't fail in delivering on the promises made) - It’s impossible to be 100% perfect, and we all do mistakes, yet we have a policy of always being transparent and honest with our clients - we’re not in the business of trying to take advantage of people’s lack of knowledge or expertise in our field - We want to help and educate our clients.
  • Show, don’t tell. Explaining what you do/are doesn’t do anything too productive, you must show and lead by example  - That's exactly why we'll be writing this blog, to show you through various examples how we help small businesses integrate their marketing in today's digital age.
  • Be truly unique, and find ways to really differentiate yourself (don’t just talk about it) - To differentiate ourselves from all the marketing agencies out there, we’ve decided to post most of our pricing online - making it easier for everyone to know what we're offering, detailed features, and transparent costs. 

These great takeaways inspired me to share with all of you (my future blog readers), what our company is all about.

Who we really are and who we’re helping:

Bloominari is currently composed of four people who share a common goal and passion: Helping small business owners to grow and promote their business online, using a variety of business strategy, design, marketing and technology tools. By small businesses we mean those local Mom and Pop’s companies are are great at what they offer, but don’t have the time or experience to professionally market their business online - Nor can they pay a full-time employee to handle it.

That’s where we come in, by providing small business owners with a solution to outsource their entire marketing and design needs to a professional and experienced set of individuals with expertise in various specific marketing niches. Starting at about $12 per day (View Marketing Packages & Prices), a business can have a team composed of an MBA graduate in marketing, a professional graphic designer, a business development consultant and a content developer at their fingertips! Without the extra cost and overhead of a full-time employee.

Why we do it:

Because we’re passionate about helping others succeed, we love marketing, are crazy about technology and are also a small business who’s also growing in the same way as the clients we serve. That means that we understand the challenges small companies face while trying to grow, but are constrained by the resources, money and time in their hands and those who work with them.

We believe that with the right marketing strategy, beautiful design and use of today’s unlimited web related technologies, any small business can function as a professional company, be productive, efficient and delight their customers.

Let me know what you think, contact me here.

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I love helping small businesses with their digital marketing and business strategy. I'm a young man with a passion in entrepreneurship and international experience in business development, marketing, sales, and web/graphic design. 

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