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5 Benefits of E-mail Marketing Automation – MarketingFridays - Ep.13

Welcome to Marketing Friday's episode 13.

Today I'm going to quickly go over five benefits of email marketing automation. This is basically the idea of why you should be doing marketing automation. Most of it is usually done by email, so let's discuss.

1. One of the most important benefits of automating your marketing is the fact that you can save a lot of time and thus also a lot of money, once you do complete setting up your email campaigns? Why? Because there's going to be a lot of things being done automatically without you having to manually send emails. So that's benefit number one.


2. Email marketing automation strengthens the company's relationship with its customers and prospects. This means that by you sending email continuously to your customers or leads, you're beginning to create a relationship with them. Even though you're not manually sending emails, people still think that they're actually getting emails from you, because you are still the sender. So slowly you begin to create a relationship with them. So that's definitely a great benefit of doing marketing automation because you're creating relationships with a lot of people automatically.

3.It's about adding value and building the trust relationship. Like I just said for point number two, this is tightening together with creating and strengthening and relationships, but this is specifically about trust. When people get to understand the value of the content that you're providing, they will slowly become more trustful of what it is that you're saying; the more trustful that the relationship becomes, the better it is and the more likely that they'll continue to read your emails. 

This is the same thing that happens with regular human interaction. The more that people interact with you, the more that they're going to be able to trust you or not, depending on how it is that you communicate your message.

4.By doing email marketing automation, it keeps the company or you or the brand top of mind. That means that whether people actually read the emails or open them or not. The fact that they continue to get in their inbox, your name and your emails, that makes sure that they continue to see you as a brand that continues to be interacting with them, so you'll be top of mind. So continuously sending email and automating it, make sure that people are going to remember you before they're going to remember your competition.

5. If done right, marketing automation helps businesses realize a stronger return on investment versus a manual process. 

Well, those are the five steps. Thank you so much for coming through marketing Fridays, I'm Jaime Nacache from Bloominari and I hope to see you next time. 

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