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5 Marketing Things It's Okay to Try On-The-Fly

Here’s the thing. As business people and marketers, we LIVE for grand plans. We love plans. We like knowing what’s happening, when, for how much, why and how we’re going to use/measure/analyze it. Crazy!

But sometimes, we have to remember the art behind marketing, branding, communicating. It’s a game of trial-and-error, test and default. Sure, there are some things that can’t go unplanned: budgets, strategy, team responsibilities. But when it comes to pure creativity and the softer, subjective matters, it’s totally okay to just let things breathe for a bit first.

These days, it’s not just discovering the campaign slogan and printing a million flyers or setting a dozen storefront displays. With digital, and the ability to change certain things on the fly, it’s okay to dive in headfirst! You’ll learn from watching the world interact with your brand/product/idea -- and get the chance for some testing to boot.

Just make sure you keep your overall strategy in mind, and know what you would be looking for to understand if it’s working or not. Sometimes it’s direct numbers or goals, and other times, it’s just your gut!

In the past year, I created a website/blog and slowly evolved my “brand” and voice along with it. It’s still not perfect, and I don’t think anything can ever be, but there are things I learned along the way by just going for it that I wouldn’t have learned otherwise. (Not to mention, I’d probably still be 5.5 steps behind where I am now!)

So here goes it, here are 5 things I feel are okay to try on the fly:

1. Messaging.

Not quite sure which style would work best with your audience. Go with a good handful of those that you think would be interesting. Make sure they fit with your brand, and are all dynamic and different enough to substantiate one over the other.

2. Social Channels.

The days of being on everything are long gone! There are way too many channels to keep up. So what’s a business gal/gent to do? Pick those that you think are best, based on your target audience and where you know they “hangout” and put your heart into them! If one doesn’t quite seem to be doing it, spend less time there, or even let it go. There will always be the next.

3. Hashtags.

So you want to try routine things like #MotivationMondays or #FunFridays (oh the alliteration!) but find that one may not really be working for your brand? Let it go! As long as you’ve given it a good enough go, there isn’t much else that can be done if it’s just not working. Social is so quick, that nobody will even miss it. If you do get called out, share an archive of the features or write a special #Throwback. #StillWinningSevenDaysoWeek

4. Photos.

So you have a general photo-style that you like to set up and share on Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram. You’ve got your awesome blog headers in similar formats. Well, if you’re bored of them, or if you even think your audience could be, change it up! As long as it’s still within brand, it’s okay to branch out a bit from the norm’.

5. Contests.

You never know what your audience will like. A social-share/win contest? A caption contest? A submission contest? And what platform will be best and simplest. With something that requires so many different elements and levels of interaction, it’s best to get creative, keep it interesting and switch it up!

So there you have it! What will you dive into today?

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