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5 Common Misconceptions of Social Media

Many businesses may be a bit skeptical about social media. A lot of questions may run through your mind when wondering which social media is the best for you company.

Does it cost? How many posts a day? Some may even think they don’t have time for using social media.

Here are 5 common misconceptions of social media.

1. It’s free.

Social platforms are definitely free but if you want to be successful on social media you have to want to invest money on it. If you want to use organic reach just know that it’s extremely limited if you want to get noticed. Imagine you are at a concert, the people who are all the way in the front paid a lot of money to be there, then there’s the middle part of the concert venue where it wasn't as expensive but it’s neither free and you can still see perfectly. Then there’s the free ticket that doesn’t exist unless you win it but that winning ticket is one out of who knows how many others. In the end it’s better to invest in order to be seen on social media platforms. The days of free-and-easy organic social media exposure is long gone!

2. You have to be on all social networks! NOT.

You have to choose which social networks fit best with your company. Identify what goals you want on social media and then find which social media platforms best suit your company. For example, if you’re a small clothing boutique and you want to showcase the clothes you sell, Instagram and Pinterest is probably your best bet. If you are an artist and want to showcase your work and let people know about your art collection Facebook and Instagram will work for you. It's important you understand what each social media outlet is best for, otherwise you'll just be posting things and no one will see and engage with you content.

3. You don’t need a plan.

Of course you need a plan! Not all things come easy. Just because you tweet a few times a day, it doesn’t mean you're going to be successful in attracting new followerst - and most importantly maintain them. Useful content is key, there is no need to post all day everyday. You need to know who your target audience really is, what type of content they actually want and enjoy, as well as the best way to deliver the message in order to grasp their attention.

4. Content and titles don’t matter.

Oh yes they do! Just as I said before, useful content is key!

Just as planning is important, content and titles are very important, everything has to correlate. Titles and pictures attract the eye of the reader. You can’t just post anything that comes to your mind. Great content, consistency and the right channels are all keys to success on social media!

5. Social media is just for being discovered.

Not exactly, social media is great for all kinds of businesses! It’s great for building relationships with customers, traffic building, creating sales, branding, getting customers to remember you, etc. Social media works for many kinds of interactions between people and businesses and it also helps companies in getting to know their customers and what they're looking for. Based on the comments users leave on your posts, what they share with their friends and family, and the items they like/favorite you can tell a lot about what your users really enjoy and what they don't.

Don’t be afraid of social media! But remember that it’s more than just about getting likes and followers.  

Research your target audience, plan your social media strategy, have a content calendar, and move forward with your marketing plans in order to attract more potential customers!

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