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3 Benefits of Marketing Automation You Didn’t Know About

We know that marketing automation can help a business reach its full potential. Streamlining and simplifying the more cumbersome tasks leaves your marketing team with more time to create effective campaigns. However, marketing automation helps more than just your marketing team.

The Less Obvious Benefits of Marketing Automation

It’s important to recognize how automated processes improve your productivity. Primarily, the marketing automation you create is going to save everyone time. Of course, your automated processes are going to require tweaking from time to time, but the time investment spent on manual responses is dramatically cut when you automate. This added productivity will reach just about every corner of your organization and improve your operational efficiency in various ways.

1. Automated Workflows

We all have tasks we dread at work. Typically, these tasks aren’t especially difficult or complicated, just mundane and repetitive. These routine tasks may not be hard to accomplish per se, but their repetitive nature lends itself to increasing the chances of human error. Essentially, the longer you do the same thing over and over with very little variation, the more likely you are to make mistakes.
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When you delegate these routine tasks to an automation system, you’re creating a much smoother workflow for everyone involved. Instead of spending an inordinate amount of time on mundane (but essential) marketing tasks, those resources can be better spent elsewhere. With a robust automation platform, you can even incorporate internal processes like budgeting, workflow approvals, project management, and more into the automated processes.

2. Better CRM + Marketing Automation = High Business Success

CRM, or Customer Relationship Management, is software meant to help marketers keep tabs on their relationships with their customers. CRM systems greatly mitigate the risk of embarrassing situations such as confusing two high-profile customers, or sending a customer the same marketing materials repeatedly. Most reliable marketing automation platforms allow you to incorporate your CRM tools into their system for an even more detailed level of automation.

Customer Preservation
Every marketing professional knows that customer retention should never take a backseat to customer acquisition. It’s not only good for your business to maintain relationships with long-standing clients – it’s more cost-effective than constantly seeking out new business, too.

Improved Customer Service
Retaining your customers hinges on serving them well, too. Your marketing automation platform should be delivering custom-tailored content to your customers, and if any issues with your marketing arise, they are typically much more easily solved via an automation platform than traditional means. A marketing automation system allows you to carefully segregate your clients’ email addresses so you can be sure you’re sending the right stuff to the right people.

3. Thorough Lead Accountability

Nurturing your leads, or generating increasing interest in your brand from potential customers, is a task that doesn’t solely fall on the shoulders of the marketing department, but of the sales team, as well.  There needs to be a viable synergy between these teams if you want to turn leads into buyers. Automation processes enable more robust accountability in this regard. When roadblocks happen, it’s much easier to see where the problems are. Marketing automation platforms include feedback features that allow everyone involved in a workflow to leave essential comments and additional info when necessary.
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If you haven’t investigated what marketing automation can do for your organization, now is the time. You can not only improve your internal processes and boost the bottom line, but also provide your customers with more personalized experiences with your company.


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