Get real-life web programming experience to increase your skills sets and portfolio!

Bloominari is happy to announce it's first Internship Program, for this Summer 2015!

If you're a student in San Diego and are looking for an opportunity to put your website development and programming skills to the test, here's your opportunity.

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Yep, Bloominari made it to Google's 1st page!

Getting to the first page of Google's search results is the goal of most online marketing strategies, and we'd like to share this mini celebration with you.

Bloominari can now be found on Google's first page for a few of our industry's keywords, and that's a reason to celebrate!

Getting here is no easy task, and it has taken over 10 months of hard work, dedication, the creation of lots of valuable information for our target audience through our blog, and other search engine optimization (SEO) techniques. 

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Wednesday, 26 November 2014 16:00

Happy Thanksgiving from Bloominari!

Everyday we should be thankful for everything that life provides us, but today is Thanksgiving so it's an opportunity to take a moment to stop, meditate and consciously be thankful for what we have.

Thanks to all of you who've helped Bloominari grow!

At Bloominari we're very thankful to everyone around us who's helped make a reality the dream we had set not long ago. We want to take the opportunity on this special day to thank our families, friends, partners, collaborators, team, and clients for everything each of them has done to help our company get to where we are today.

Although we're a young company (less than a year old), our team of young marketers, designers, strategists, and videographers have years of experience in the fields of Internet marketing, graphic design, web design and small business strategy; All of which have helped build a company that can offer the San Diego community affordable and professional marketing services to help companies grow, promote their products/services online and increase their overall sales.

We love our name, do you?

Today is exactly 7 months since we changed our company name from MyeDesigner to Bloominari, and we couldn't have been happier!

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Let me first start by sharing with you that this is the first time I’ve ever written a blog post, so bare with me if things aren’t perfect just yet. I’d love to introduce myself, but it’s probably best we’ll do that later. I invite you to checkout www.jaimenacach.com to learn more about me and my marketing, design and small business consulting experience.

After attending a great event last night titled “Branding: How to tell a better story” which featured four panelists who are in the marketing and branding field, I felt inspired to change my original first post topic and write about what me and my company are all about. Hope this is a great way to start off this blog, where we’ll be constantly posting about marketing trends, technology, design, tips for small business, entrepreneurship and other relevant content.

Branding and Brands

The event focused on discussing the future of social media, what a brand is, what’s the difference between branding and brands, great examples of successful and unsuccessful companies who’ve created positive or very negative experiences with their customers and much more. Yet, at the end of the night I asked myself, what are the key takeaways that I can take from all these conversations and apply to Bloominari?

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Wednesday, 13 February 2013 16:00

9 Years working with Balensi Spa

Today Bloominaris turns 9 years of a succesful & great relationship with Balensi's Institute - Skin Care & Spa.

Since 2004 Jean Michel Balensi, the owner of Baleni's Spa, has been working with Bloominari.com for the marketing of his business. Initially we created his company's website, and soon we expanded our services by designing for him a spa menu, business cards, postcards and many other graphic design products. 

Today, its website has gone through a third redesign, we have designed over 50 postcards, three beautiful brochures, two gift cards, two different business cards, many banners, and many other products. Checkout Balensi Spa at www.balensispa.com and read our testimonials


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Friday, 31 January 2014 16:00

New Year = New Website

Bloominari is happy to announced that our new website is now live!

After a completely new redesign to our website, a lot of new content development, changing our pricing structure and lots of hard work we've finally completed our upgraded company's website.

We'd love for you to explore what it has to offer and hope to hear some feedback from you. Read more to see new benefits and features.

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